Weekly team runs

Practices will be Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:15-6:15 at Forney Park. Park at the Ampitheather area and meet on the hill by the football field.

Every practice will start with warmup drills for 5-10 minutes. The main running portion will be about 30-40 minutes with a 10 min cool down, stretch and team shout outs.

Forney Flyers will be running to earn MILEstones. Merits will be earned for every 10 miles they run across practices.

Forney Flyers will learn training tools, and foundational running principles at every practice.

Monthly races

October 2nd: 1 Mile (Forney Park)

November 6th: 2 Mile (FORNEY PARK)

December 4th: Holiday Hustle 5k (Open to Family and Friends) (Heartland Lake)

January 8th: 1Mile @ Warren Middle School Track

February 5th: cancelled due to snow

March 5th: Color Run @ Forney Park

April 2nd: April 9th: 2 Mile Race @Forney Park

May 7th: Flyers for Good 5k @Heartland Park {open to public--REGISTER HERE}

May 30th: VOLUNTEER @City of Forney 5k (Water station and course help)

No Races in June and July

2022 Fall Season (September-November)

September 24: 1 Mile

November 5: 2 Mile

December 3: Holiday Hustle 5k @Heartland Park

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