Coach Natalie

Coach Natalie Bean grew up playing various sports and settled into volleyball and lacrosse in high school. Looking for a way to stay active after graduating, she decided to sign up for a half marathon (jumped right into the longer distance!) and started running during breaks at work. She finished her first half and swore she wouldn’t do it again. Then she moved next to White Rock Lake, started running almost every day, and was hooked. The half marathon is now her favorite distance to race.

Natalie always loved moving her body and feeling strong. Biology classes in high school led her to study and graduate with her B.S. in Exercise Science from BYU. She also teaches a group fitness weight lifting class, Les Mills Bodypump. She loves to continue learning with podcasts, books, and reading scientific studies about all things exercise/nutrition/strength/running.

Running is about more than just being active for Natalie. It gives her a way to be physically active, a tool for mental health, personal goals to work toward, and an awesome community of supportive friends.

Natalie is passionate about helping others learn to run because there are so many benefits, especially for kids – improving coordination and strength for other sports, improving physical and mental health, and teaching resilience and grit for other areas of life. To her, running isn’t just an activity; it’s a lifestyle and a process. She loves the achievements, but mostly loves the process of learning and improving and becoming your best self with every step.

When she's not running, Natalie loves reading, good food, and adventuring with her family.

Natalie lives in the Forney area with her husband, 4 kiddos, and their crazy dog.